Armani Gaulden – A Glimpse Into The Life Of NBA Youngboy’s Daughter!

Armani Gaulden

Step into the world of Armani Gaulden, the lively daughter of the renowned rapper NBA YoungBoy. Known not just for her famous father but also for her unique journey in the spotlight. 

Armani Gaulden is the eleventh kid of NBA YoungBoy. He’s known for his music and life. Born on June 19, 2020, in Los Angeles, California, Armani is the daughter of a famous rapper. And songwriter NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden.

Let’s explore the life of this little Gemini, born on June 19, 2020, in sunny Los Angeles, California.

A Glimpse Into The Life Of Armani Gaulden – Let’s Go!

Armani Gaulden, whose dad is a famous artist known everywhere, has caught the interest of fans who are curious about the rapper’s family. Born in the United States, Armani has two citizenship, taking after her mom and dad. She’s a Gemini, making her character even more special.

A Glimpse Into The Life Of Armani Gaulden
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Being part of a big family is another exciting thing about Armani. Her dad, NBA YoungBoy, has 11 kids from seven different moms. And that’s a major part of his personal life.

Armani Gaulden’s Early Days – Growing Up With Love And Care In The USA!

Armani entered the world with her American parents in Los Angeles, California. Kentrell DeSean Gaulden and Nisha Keller are right by her side. Because Armani is still a youngster, only a little information about her early years is shared with the public. 

This is because there are rules about what can be told about kids without permission. She is lucky to have well-off parents who have a lot of money. This allows them to give her plenty of love and attention. 

Growing up in the United States, she shares her home with six siblings. And her parents take care of her upbringing, making sure she has everything she needs.

Armani Gaulden Biography – Take A Look!

Full nameArmani Gaulden
Date of birthJune 19, 2020
Age3 years old
Zodiac signGemini
Famous forBeing NBA YoungBoy’s daughter

Meet Armani Gaulden’s Siblings – NBA Youngboy’s Big Family!

NBA Rapper YoungBoy has a bunch of kids. However, ten, to be exact. He’s the dad of seven boys and three girls, born to eight different moms as of January 2023.

Meet Armani Gaulden's Siblings
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The moms have yet to be named. But in NBA YoungBoy’s music video for Kacey Talk, he gave fans a peek into his personal life, featuring his kids Kayden and Kacey.

In July 2018, NBA YoungBoy opened up about one of his sons, Kamron, saying he’s not Kamron’s biological dad. But, despite that, NBA YoungBoy is determined to raise Kamron like he’s his own.

Did NBA Youngboy Marry Armani Gaulden’s Mom? – Need To Know!

NBA YoungBoy recently married Jazlyn Mychelle on January 7, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah. This public commitment solidifies their dedication to each other and their growing family. The couple welcomed their children in September 2022 (a son) and April 2021 (a daughter). 

That brings even more joy to their relationship. During an Instagram Live session, NBA YoungBoy, also known as Kentrell Gaulden, had previously hinted at his wedding plans. Moreover, he playfully mentioned that he was feeling lonely. 

Instead of creating an OnlyFans account, he surprised everyone by announcing his marriage to Jazlyn Mychelle. The wedding details emerged when an Instagram user shared a screenshot of their marriage license. That confirms the happy event in Utah.

This celebration marks a new chapter for NBA YoungBoy and Jazlyn Mychelle. As they officially begin their journey as a married couple.

Did NBA Youngboy Marry Armani Gaulden's Mom?
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Armani Gaulden involved in the music industry like her father, NBA YoungBoy?

As of now, there is no information suggesting Armani’s involvement in the music industry. She is quite young.

How active is NBA YoungBoy on social media in sharing updates about his family? 

NBA YoungBoy’s social media activity varies. But he occasionally shares glimpses of his family, including Armani, with his fans.

How did fans react to NBA YoungBoy’s wedding announcement on social media?

The fans’ reactions to NBA YoungBoy’s wedding varied, with many expressing surprise and congratulations.


As we conclude our journey through the life of Armani Gaulden, it’s clear that 

She’s not just the daughter of a famous rapper. But  Armani Gaulden’s a little Gemini with a unique story. From her early days in sunny Los Angeles to being part of NBA YoungBoy’s big family, Armani’s upbringing is filled with love and care.

Here’s to the bright future of Armani Gaulden and her ever-growing, joyous family!

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