Equinox Guest Pass – Everything You Need To Know!

Equinox Guest Pass

In the fast-paced world we live in, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just a choice; it’s a necessity.

Equinox, a well-known gym chain, provides guest passes to both members and non-members. Equinox+ members can enjoy up to four complimentary passes annually, while non-members can easily register for a day pass by contacting the gym directly.

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What Is Included In A Guest Pass? – A Brief Check!

Equinox gives guests special perks that you might not find at other gyms. You get to try out everything the club has without committing to a contract or spending your money right away.

What Is Included In A Guest Pass
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1. Free personal training session

2. Free Equifit fitness assessment

3. 25% off your first Spa treatment

4. Free one-on-one Studio Pilates session

5. 15% off your first buy at The Shop.

How Can I Get A Guest Pass? – Let’s Explore!

Signing up for a Guest Pass is easy! If you have a friend who’s already part of Equinox, ask them to invite you. Once they do, you’ll receive a notification on your Equinox App.

How Can I Get A Guest Pass
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Here’s what your friend needs to do:

  • Open the Equinox app.
  • Tap on “More” at the bottom.
  • Choose “Guest Passes.”
  • Follow the steps provided.

What Is The Price Of A Guest Pass? – Read It Out!

Equinox didn’t say how much a Guest Pass costs when I asked on Live Chat. They told me to find out after checking out their place. From what I read online, if your friend already used up their two free passes for the year, you might have to pay $10 to $50 for a Guest Pass.

So, it could cost some money if your friend already brought friends to the gym. Check out online forums for more info on Equinox’s Guest Pass rules.

Understanding Equinox’s Guest Pass Policy – Go In Depth!

Understanding Equinox’s Guest Pass Policy
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  • Age Limit: To use a guest pass at Equinox, individuals must be at least 18 years old. This requirement ensures that all guests are legally adults, assisting Equinox in managing liability.
  • Member’s Presence: When utilizing a guest pass from a member, the member must accompany you during your visit. This guideline ensures responsible use of guest passes and establishes a direct connection between guests and the gym through the accompanying member.
  • Verification of Identity: For guest pass usage, a valid photo ID must be presented. This measure is in place to uphold a secure environment for all Equinox members and guests.
  • Limited Gym Access: Sometimes, there are certain busy times when guest pass users can’t go to the gym, especially during the busiest hours. This is to make sure that regular members get priority access when the gym is most crowded.

The Equinox App – Your Virtual Fitness Coach:

Equinox has a cool new app made just for you! It’s like your own personal trainer on your phone. This app keeps track of your goals, progress, and what you’re up to, making sure you stay on top of your health game.

Overview Of Gold’s Gym Pricing – One Must Know!

Overview Of Gold’s Gym Pricing
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Monthly Membership:

If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment, Gold’s Gym has monthly memberships. The starting fee is $74, and there’s a $39 facility upkeep fee. Just make sure to pay on time to avoid a $19.50 late fee.

One-Year Plan:

For those wanting a longer commitment, the one-year subscription is a good deal at $29. If you sign up with a friend, the second person pays only $25. There’s also a program for kids, which costs an extra $8.

Two-Year Plan:

If you’re up for a 24-month fitness journey, Gold’s Gym offers individual memberships at $24, duo memberships at $49, and adding a child is just $6 more. This plan is great for those committed to regular workouts.

Annual Membership:

For an annual package, it’s $32 per month, totaling $384 for the year. If you sign up as a couple, the second person only pays $300. The advantage here is no initiation or facility maintenance fees.

Exploring The Advantages Of The Guest Pass – Take Analysis One-By-One!    

Regardless of the type of guest pass you possess, there are several ways to make the most of it and gain insights into the Equinox gym. These tips can help you assess if it’s the right fit for you.

Exploring The Advantages Of The Guest Pass
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Initially, take advantage of access to all the gym equipment available at your local Equinox facility. Additionally, explore various classes based on their availability.

Make use of the facilities, keeping in mind that the offerings may vary depending on the location. This could include amenities such as full-size basketball courts, sundecks, cafes, squash courts, saunas, lap pools, and high-quality exercise equipment.

Since Equinox is a private gym, it’s beneficial to understand what it offers before becoming a member. These opportunities provided by the guest pass give you a firsthand look at the diverse features and services the gym provides.


1. What facilities are available with the Equinox Guest Pass?

The Guest Pass provides access to a range of facilities, which may include basketball courts, sundecks, cafes, squash courts, saunas, lap pools, and high-quality exercise equipment.

2. Can I use the Equinox Guest Pass at any location?

The availability of the Guest Pass at different locations may vary, so it’s essential to confirm the participating locations when obtaining the pass.

3. What happens after the Equinox Guest Pass expires?

After the Guest Pass expires, you may have the option to explore Equinox’s membership plans for continued access and additional benefits.

4. How do I sign up for an Equinox Guest Pass?

You can sign up for a Guest Pass through the Equinox app, usually through an invitation from a friend who is already a member.


Equinox provides a guest pass, granting individuals a temporary experience of their fitness facilities and services without the need for a long-term membership commitment.

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