From Collision to Compensation: What to Expect with an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer


If you contact this 18-wheel truck accident attorney you can count on him/her to give you the whole legal representation that is meant to handle your case.

They will examine the conditions surrounding the accident, collect evidence including police records and eyewitness accounts, and find that there are trace elements such as driver distraction, car failures, and violation of regulatory laws.

The 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer acts as an intermediary while discussing with insurance companies, targeting the highest possible recompense by means of payment of medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering. Serving as your voice, will they be if need be in court to ensure that your rights are not dented and seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

1. Initial Consultation

The first steps you have with your lorry accident lawyer is to retell the details of your case and also the subsequent request of the answers. From this initial consultation, many organizations rely on a pro-bono arrangement, where you can share your story and ask any questions you may have.

A detailed account is provided by you concerning the reason of the accident, your injuries and the (if any) worries and difficulties you are facing. The lawyer will listen carefully.

While collecting the information about the accident (date, time, and place, as well as other parties involved), the counselor will consult you and discuss the case, identifying its weaknesses and strengths.

When filing a personal injury claim, these officials might request for you to present the things related to the accident e.g. the police incident report, medical reports, among other documentation. This will be crucial in preparing answers about the circumstances of the accident, and the best legal strategy for your case.

A general guideline is that preliminary consultation might be the time when you make friends with the lawyer and understand the special features of their practice. It is surely necessary that you are open and to the point about the condition, because this in turn will mostly provide you with the most accurate assessment of your case.

2. Investigation

Session’s conclusion will mark the moment when the counselor starts a close examination of the incident. This investigation is the core element of the case which represents proving the guilt and legal liability. The legal representative will be collecting evidence from various sources including the police reports, victims’ statements and the any existing footage if in surveillance.

In addition, attorneys often cooperate with accident reconstruction experts for the purpose of not only positioning how the accident happened, but to establish fault as well.

One of the lawyer’s duties will be to inquire about the truck driver’s logbooks, doing maintenance, and company standards or procedures. This data through its come up with useful information about the cause of the crash and who is to blame.

Not only does the lawyer start with collecting all of the evidence from the insurance company, but also he/she might talk to witnesses and any other people who were involved in the accident for more evidence.

 This stage comprises the strongest part in the legal proceeding since it will inform our counseling that will accordingly follow. An attorney will scrutinize the evidence meticulously, including the facts of the case and proceed to collect convincing evidence which will make it possible to strengthen your case and tilt the court’s decision in your favor.

3. Determining Liability

Lawyer will plan his final legal procedure after the research is over. Liability of the accident will be found. Similarly, responsibility in the case of 18-wheeler trucks may be multifaceted and may involve different parties, like the truck driver, the truck company, and also third parties including manufacturers owing to manufacturing defects or poor maintenance services.

The legal representative will go through all the investigation findings from a careful angle and determine who are the culpable party for the road accident. Such might comprise investigating the actions of the truck driver, for instance, dashing, taking-off one’s eyes from the road to text or even committing lot breaches of federal trucking regulations.

Similarly, they will inspect the carrier’s existing policies and regulations that might have influenced the accident to decide if they were in accordance with industry standards.

Sometimes it happens that liability is extended not just up to the driver but to the trucking company also. For instance, in a scenario where the crash is caused by a malfunctioning truck, part or a system failure, the manufacturer or the maintenance provider could be held responsible for compensation. The lawyer will use all available tools as a means to seek the maximum compensatory award for your injuries and damages as a result.

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