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Serbia is the place of Gia Olimp’s birth in 1993. She received her education in a Serbian elementary school. After that, she got her bachelor’s degree from the same university.

Who is Gia Olimp – Here To Know!

Gia Olimp, both beautiful and talented, is a source of motivation for Anthony Carrigan, who lives in the enchanted world of Hollywood, where every great actor has a stunning co-star. Aside from the glitz and glamour of celebrity. 

Who is Gia Olimp
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Gia reveals herself as a brilliant player when she emerges from the chessboard. Gia, whose ancestry is deeply rooted in the rich fabric of Serbia, weaves an astonishing story with the story of her husband, who becomes a star in Hollywood. 

Explore the intriguing life story of Gia Olimp as we reveal the nuances of her chess genius, her dynamic relationship with Anthony Carrigan, and the alluring mix of her popularity and brilliance that makes her such a compelling and unusual person.

As we delve into the life story of Gia Olimp. Embark with me on this adventure as we uncover the lesser-known parts of Gia Olimp’s life, from her age and birthday to the exciting features that give her her unique appeal. I invite you to join me on this voyage.

Gia Olimp Biography:

Gia Olimp, a skilled chess player from Serbia, developed her passion early. Raised in a close-knit family, her bond with an undisclosed elder sister endures. While her birthdate specifics are unknown, Gia, in her mid-to-late thirties, embraces the traits of a Libra. 

She is educated in local Serbian schools and holds elementary and high school graduate certificates, with details about her university journey kept private. Gia Olimp’s life combines chess mastery with a private yet accomplished existence.

Gia Olimp Career:

Details regarding her career as a Serbian chess player and her link to a famous family remain shrouded in mystery within Gia Olimp’s mysterious narrative.

Gia Olimp Career
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On the other hand, her husband, Anthony Carrigan, is a famous American actor who has woven his talent into the legendary fabric of Hollywood.

Love, Marriage, and Chess:

The couple’s journey led them to marriage in June 2018, and they recently celebrated their fifth anniversary. Despite keeping their relationship low-key, glimpses into their married life reveal a genuine connection.

In the early months of marriage, they affectionately referred to each other as husband and wife, savouring the joy of waking up together daily.

A Hollywood Star And His Chess Master – Check It Out!

Anthony Carrigan, known for his roles in “Barry” and “Gotham,” has found more than a life partner in Gia Olimp.

A Hollywood Star And His Chess Master
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As a thoughtful gesture, Carrigan got a fake tattoo of chess pieces on his knuckles, an homage to Gia’s expertise as a professional chess player. Gia imparts her chess wisdom to Carrigan in show business, turning the strategic board game into a shared passion.

The Quiet Life Off-Screen:

Despite Carrigan’s Hollywood fame, the couple prefers a low-profile approach to their relationship. Rarely sharing glimpses of their personal life on social media, Anthony Carrigan keeps his Instagram focused on professional endeavours rather than personal moments.

Maintaining a discreet online presence, Gia Olimp contrasts her husband’s more visible online profile.

Beyond The Villainous Roles – A Versatile Talent!

Celebrated for his groundbreaking portrayal as the unforgettable NoHo Hank in the critically acclaimed series “Barry,” Anthony Carrigan effortlessly transcends the confines of nefarious characters, earning a cascade of accolades.

Beyond The Villainous Roles
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The acclaim persists as Carrigan garners well-deserved nominations for the esteemed Emmy Award in the Outstanding Best Supporting Actor category in a Comedy Series. Venturing beyond the iconic persona of NoHo Hank, Carrigan’s illustrious repertoire unfurls across the expansive tapestry of television and film.

His artistic journey unfolds through a kaleidoscope of roles in notable productions, enchanting audiences with spellbinding performances in “The Flash,” “The Blacklist,” and “Parenthood.”

These diverse roles underscore Carrigan’s chameleon-like adaptability and illuminate his extraordinary ability to infuse vitality into characters across varied genres and narratives.

In essence, Anthony Carrigan’s impact on the entertainment landscape transcends the confines of a singular role, portraying a captivating versatility that continues to mesmerise audiences through myriad creative expressions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Gia Olimp’s age?

Gia Olimp’s age is estimated to be between 30 and 40, adding an air of mystery to her intriguing persona.

2. What is the significance of the chess tattoo on Anthony Carrigan’s knuckles?

The tattoo pays homage to Gia Olimp’s expertise as a professional chess player, symbolising their shared passion.

3. How many years have Gia Olimp and Anthony Carrigan been married?

In a delightful testament to enduring love, the couple recently marked their fifth anniversary, a celebration that encapsulates the longevity and depth of their connection.

4. Does Gia Olimp have children?

Maintaining a discreet stance on their family life, Gia Olimp and Anthony Carrigan have chosen not to expand their family with children, preserving the privacy of their sphere.

5. What is Gia Olimp’s Instagram username?

Gia Olimp can be found on Instagram with the username giaolimp, where she shares glimpses into her life.


Born in 1993, Gia Olimp originated in Serbia. She completed her early education at a Serbian elementary school before pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the same university.

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