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Larry Bird Children

Larry Joe Bird, born on December 7, 1956, stands as an American basketball icon, renowned for his contributions as a former NBA player, coach, and executive. 

Corrie Bird, Larry Bird’s firstborn with ex-wife Janet Condra, emerges as a central figure in the narrative of this basketball legend’s life.  Corrie Bird is Larry Bird’s only child from his first marriage. She currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her two children. 

“Corrie Bird’s immovable assurance, exploring the intricacies of her family’s story and cutting her own way, remains as a moving demonstration of versatility, repeating the victories of her b-ball legend father, Larry Bird.”

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Larry Joe Bird, born on December 7, 1956, stands as an American basketball icon, renowned for his contributions as a former NBA player, coach, and executive.

Larry Joe Bird  Basketball Icon
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Famously nicknamed “the Hick from French Lick” and “Larry Legend,” Bird’s legacy extends beyond his playing career, making him one of the greatest basketball figures in history.

His unique distinction as the sole individual in NBA history to attain Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Finals MVP, All-Star MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year speaks volumes about his multifaceted impact on the sport.

Corrie Bird Navigating Challenges With Determination- Get Informed In A Snap!

Corrie Bird, born on August 14, 1977, in Brazil Town, Indiana, holds a pivotal role in the life story of basketball legend Larry Bird. As the firstborn from Larry’s marriage with Janet Condra, Corrie’s early life was shaped by the challenges of her parents’ fleeting union.

Despite the turbulence, Corrie’s unwavering determination emerges as a defining trait, serving as a bridge between her and her father, Larry Bird, as she navigates the intricacies of her unique familial narrative.

Through her resilience, Corrie not only forges a stronger bond with her iconic father but also charts a distinctive course in both her personal and professional spheres, becoming a compelling figure in her own right.

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Educational Pursuits And Professional Success – Click To Gain Knowledge!

Corrie’s academic pursuits extended to Indiana State University, where she earned dual degrees in elementary education and business administration. Building upon this strong foundation, she pursued and successfully completed an MBA in health management from Wesleyan Indiana University. 

Educational Pursuits And Professional Success
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These educational achievements not only reflect Corrie’s commitment to continuous learning but also underscore her multifaceted expertise. This academic journey has played a pivotal role in shaping her thriving career in healthcare management, where she has excelled in diverse roles.

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The Origins And Unraveling Of Corrie’s Family – Get Informed In Just One Click!

The origins of Corrie Bird’s life can be traced back to Brazil, Indiana, where her parents, Larry Bird and Janet Condra, shared a history that transformed from a childhood friendship to a brief and ultimately unsuccessful marriage.

Larry’s foray into college basketball led to their initial separation, but fate brought them together again during Larry’s freshman year at Indiana State in 1975, culminating in their marriage.

However, the union between Larry Bird and Janet Condra proved short-lived, enduring less than a year before dissolving in 1976. Corrie’s conception occurred during a brief reconciliation, and by 1977, her parents had parted ways definitively.

Raised by her mother and stepfather, Corrie’s interactions with Larry were limited to child support payments, Christmas cards, and gifts.

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Clarification On Family Relations And Corrie’s Own Family – Click Here For All The Information!

Beyond her familial ties, Corrie’s journey takes a distinctive turn as she delves into her own family life. After finding love, she entered matrimony with security specialist Trent Theopolis Batson on May 17, 2008. 

Clarification On Family Relations And Corrie's Own Family
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Their enduring marriage has resulted in a close-knit family of six, comprising children from Trent’s previous marriage—Samantha and Christian—and their shared children, Violet Marie and Sebastien Grey.

This expanded family dynamic not only exemplifies Corrie’s commitment to building enduring connections but also highlights the bonds forged through love, resilience, and the joys of familial togetherness.

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Professional Achievements And Resilience In Healthcare Management – Dive Into The Information Now!

Corrie Bird’s professional journey unfolds as a testament to her resilience and commitment to excellence. Equipped with degrees from Indiana State University and an MBA in healthcare management, she has navigated various managerial roles in Indiana hospitals.

Her impactful career includes noteworthy positions such as business office manager at St.Vincent Clay Hospital (2002-2007), practice manager at Union Associated Physicians Clinics (2008-2016), and clinical coordinator at St. Mary of the Woods College (2018-2019).

Since January 2019, Corrie has undertaken the role of registration supervisor at Putnam County Hospital in Greencastle, Indiana, showcasing her dedication to contributing meaningfully to the healthcare sector.

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Siblings And Bonds Navigating Family Dynamics – Click For Essential Information!

Corrie Bird’s familial journey weaves a tapestry of connections on both her mother’s and father’s sides. Aligned with her mother’s lineage, Corrie shares a bond with Mandy, a talented singer whose performance graced Corrie’s wedding in 2008.

Siblings And Bonds: Navigating Family Dynamics
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On her father’s side, Corrie embraces her role as a half-sibling to Conner and Mariah, both adopted by Larry Bird and his wife, Dinah. The contrasting paths of her paternal half-siblings unfold – Mariah flourishes as an events manager, while Conner faces the complexities of legal challenges.

Amid these intricacies, Corrie’s story stands as a testament to resilience, determination, and the art of crafting success and happiness amidst life’s unpredictable twists.


Corrie Bird’s journey reveals resilience in the face of complexities. Having been born into Larry Bird’s legacy, she excels in healthcare management. An inspiring tale of familial strength and forging one’s own path.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is Corrie Bird related to Sue Bird?

No, Corrie Bird and Sue Bird share a last name but are not related.

2: When did Corrie Bird get married?

Corrie Bird married security specialist Trent Theopolis Batson on May 17, 2008.

3: How many children does Corrie Bird have?

Corrie and Trent have four children: Samantha, Christian, Violet Marie, and Sebastine Grey.

4: What is Corrie Bird’s educational background?

Corrie holds degrees in elementary education and business administration, along with an MBA in health management.

5: What is Corrie Bird’s current profession?

Corrie serves as the registration supervisor at Putnam County Hospital in Greencastle, Indiana, since January 2019.

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