The Advantages of Custom-Made Doors


At Vinyl Light windows and doors, you may place an order for custom exterior doors. Wide options are available to customize your entry the way you want. Visit our website to build your custom dream door. 

What is a Custom-Made Door

A door that is specially designed and constructed to fit a specific space or to satisfy certain needs is called a custom-made door. Custom-made doors are manufactured to order to fit specific openings or designer preferences, in contrast to pre-made or stock doors, which are available in standard sizes and styles.

Advantages of Custom Doors

Custom doors reveal various benefits. 

The following are some main advantages:

  • Customized to your preferences
  • Ideal fit into the opening
  • Increased house protection
  • Enhanced sturdiness and durability
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Distinctive design options
  • Enhancement of customization

Door Design

Entry doors come in a variety of designs to suit different architectural styles and personal preferences. Here are some popular design options:

  • Single and double doors. 

Entry doors can be either single, with only one door slab, or double, with two door slabs that can open simultaneously, or one fixed.

  • Single and double doors with one or two sidelites. 

These doors can be combined with one or two sidelites, which serve not only as a part of the design but also as additional windows letting more light in. 

  • Panel doors.

These doors have raised or flat panels that give them a traditional, refined appearance. Although there are more options, 4- and 6-panel versions are frequently seen.

  • Flush doors.

These doors have a sleek, contemporary appearance since they feature a smooth surface without any raised or recessed panels.

  • Glass doors. 

Glass doors can let in more light and provide an air of openness in the entry. They may have smaller glass inserts, multiple ones or full-size glass.

  • Transom – square or arched doors or doors with a shape. 

To add a touch of sophistication and beauty to the entry, and if opening allows arched or square transoms are a perfect choice.

  • French doors. 

Usually double doors, French doors let in a lot of natural light thanks to glass panels that run the majority of their length. 

Lifespan & Durability

When compared to regular doors, custom doors made of higher-quality materials can last longer and be more durable. Long-term financial savings can result from this since fewer replacements or repairs will be required.

Energy Savings

Compared to regular doors, custom doors can insulate a home more efficiently, increasing energy efficiency and lowering heating and cooling expenses.

Where to Order Custom-made Doors in the GTA

Do some research, read reviews, and weigh prices and warranties to choose which door company best suits your needs.

Consider your budget as well as the type of door you desire. A respectable company that manufactures high-quality doors, like Vinyl Light, will satisfy all of your needs and give you the most compatible quotes.

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