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Susan Deixler

Susan Deixler, Barry Manilow’s former wife, had been in a relationship with him since high school. Like Barry, she tends to keep her personal life private but did share insights in an interview following his marriage to a man.

Let’s delve into the lesser-known details of Susan Deixler’s life, her relationship with Barry Manilow, and the unique circumstances that defined their time together.

Early Years in Brooklyn – Susan’s Journey at Eastern District High School!

Susan Deixler’s early years in Brooklyn, as a high school student at Eastern District High School, reflect the relatable challenges of adolescence. The diverse and vibrant city environment, coupled with her experiences at school, shaped her character. 

Early Years in Brooklyn
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The unexpected turn in her journey occurred when she crossed paths with Barry Manilow, adding a unique layer to her story. Susan’s narrative underscores the universal struggles of youth and highlights the impactful role of educational environments in personal development.

Susan Deixler – The First Wife of Barry Manilow!

The renowned musician Barry Manilow has had an incredible journey from beginning in Brooklyn to pursuing his passion for music. Amidst his successful career, there was a significant chapter involving his high school relationship with Susan Deixler. 

Despite being a popular musician in high school, Manilow’s love for Susan led to their marriage in 1964, officiated by a Rabbi due to Susan’s Jewish heritage.

However, their love story faced challenges, and Manilow’s dedication to his music ultimately led to their separation after just one year of marriage. Music became Manilow’s primary focus, leaving Susan disheartened at home. 

She chose to move on and filed for an annulment, never remarrying. Susan, later a mother of two, pursued a career in holistic healing and embraced a quiet, private life. Despite past grievances, she eventually forgave her ex-husband.

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Susan Deixler’s High School Love Tale – Journey Together!

Barry Manilow, the famous singer known for ‘Copacabana,’ comes from Brooklyn. He married his high school sweetheart, Deixler, after she finished school. 

Susan Deixler's High School Love Tale
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Their love story began when Deixler was in junior year at Eastern District High School, where Manilow, a shy guy in the band, was a senior. Imagine it like a story from a teen movie! Despite Manilow’s focus on music, his connection with Deixler added a romantic touch to his life’s song.”

Susan Deixler’s Marriage Experience Breaking it down! 

Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler enjoyed happy times together in their short-lived marriage. However, driven by his passion for music, Manilow ended things after just a year, attributing it to youthful impulsiveness. 

Deixler, in turn, claimed ‘fraud’ as the reason for their divorce. Despite Manilow praising Deixler as an ideal wife, their marriage ended. Later, Manilow publicly embraced his identity as a gay man. Susan Deixler, now a nursing care manager in California, maintains a private life.

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Susan Deixler’s Family and Career – Personal Life!

After Susan Deixler’s marriage to Barry Manilow ended, she focused on building a meaningful life. She became a devoted mother to two children, Pauline and Danny, showcasing strength and commitment in her family role.

Susan Deixler's Family and Career
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Professionally, Susan found purpose in working with older individuals. As a care manager, she dedicated herself to positively impacting seniors’ lives and her community’s well-being. Although the specific details of her career remain private, Susan’s journey reflects resilience and a dedication to making a difference.

Susan’s story is a testament to finding fulfillment after challenges. Her choices highlight the importance of family, community, and a commitment to improving the lives of others.

About Barry Manilow – Husband Of Susan Deixler!

Barry Manilow’s age:

Barry Manilow was born in New York City on June 17, 1943. He’s not just a famous singer; he’s also been in movies like Thumbelina (1994), Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), and Transsiberian (2008). He tied the knot with Garry Kief in April 2014.

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Has Barry Manilow ever been married? – Manilow’s Marital Status!

Barry Manilow married his long-time partner, Garry Kief, in April 2014, surprising the public. They had kept their relationship private since 1978, and Manilow didn’t publicly come out as gay until 2017. 

Has Barry Manilow ever been married?
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Their intimate wedding took place at their 53-acre Palm Springs home. Before marrying Kief, Manilow’s personal life was mostly kept out of the spotlight despite his long career.

The 1978 meeting between Barry Manilow and Garry Kief, who later married in April 2014, received considerable attention. 

Despite their extended relationship, details of Manilow’s connection with Kief remained private until their wedding a year later, held in their Palm Springs, California, residence to preserve the intimacy of their 30-year love story.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How did Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler meet?

Barry and Susan first met at Eastern District High School in Brooklyn, New York, where Susan was a high school student.

2. Did Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler have children together?

No, the couple did not have any children during their brief union. Susan later had a daughter, Pauline, and a son, Danny, from a subsequent relationship.

3. How long were Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler married before their separation?

Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler eloped and married for a few years before separating in 1966, marking a significant chapter in their lives.

4. How did Susan Deixler react to Barry Manilow’s marriage to Garry Kief?

Susan Deixler expressed well wishes to Barry Manilow and mentioned any ill feelings in the past, highlighting a mature and amicable perspective.


Susan Deixler, known for her connection to music icon Barry Manilow, had her early life rooted in Brooklyn, New York. She was a high school student at Eastern District High School when she crossed paths with Barry Manilow.

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